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Digitalisation has in the last decade grown to permeate military operations all the way from the training and planning stages through to deployment and conduct, as a transversal aspect of modern-day warfare across the land, sea, air and space domains.

The Vauban Sessions, organised by the Rapid Reaction Corps-France (RRC-Fr) in partnership with CEIS, will examine the progress made by NATO Allies in integrating digital into their operational and tactical doctrines, what training requirements cyber has generated, and how to leverage innovation to improve training and exercises.

The one-day conference will bring together an audience of some 200 representatives from NATO Nations’ High Responsive Forces and MoDs, NATO and EU bodies, and industry for a deep-dive into new requirements, training needs and possible technological solutions for operations in cyberspace.



Email : contact@vauban-sessions.org

Phone : +32 2 646 70 43

Lieutenant General Laurent KOLODZIEJ, RRC-FR Commander

Cyberspace is an environment that forces need to fully understand and master. While it generates new fast evolving threats that are difficult to counter, it also offers opportunities for action that complement those conducted in land, sea or air environments. Knowing how to operate in cyberspace is therefore an operatio- nal challenge for a force. Indeed, it must be able to deter cyber attacks thanks to increased resilience; to pro- tect and defend itself through the detection of cyber incidents and the mitigation of their impact on ongoing missions; to act effectively in this intangible field, relying on adapted intelligence. Sharing and exchanging information with other NFS HQs will be essential in the pursuit of our cyber capabilities’ development within the strategic framework of NATO and our nations. Organised by Headquarters RRC-Fr with the support of CEIS, these first “Vauban Sessions” in Lille will give our sister HQs the opportunity to provide feedback on the way that we train in the cyber domain in order to enhance force capabilities like JTF, AC or LCC.

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